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14 Dec

My Dentist Loves my teeth and so do I.

Posted By: BobClary in General    

After using naturally Brite for nearly 4 months and going to my dentist for a teeth cleaning.   I am happy to report no cavities.  And the  hygentist  said I had exceptionally clean teeth.  I am a beliver in Naturally Brite. For months suffering with a super sensitive mouth due to toothpaste,  I am over joyed to finally have a product that works. BJ Watson.  

4 Aug

Are all sunscreens created equal

Posted By: Beverly in Health and Wellness    

No, they really aren't. An incredible amount of marketing, hype, exaggeration and false promises go on in the sunscreen world. For good reason. People have become much more aware of the dangers of sun exposure both in matters of premature aging and skin cancer. Another important question: Are all sunscreens safe? According to a recent report by the Environmental Working Group, after many years of testing products and reviewing available scientific material, four out of five sunscreen products don't meet...

25 Jun

The Amazing Power of Herbs

Posted By: Beverly in Health and Wellness    

Even in this relatively sophisticated age of technology, almost every family has an older mom, grandmother or aunt who has herbal remedies for minor ailments: lemon for cough, slippery elm for constipation, mint for bad breath or indigestion. There are so many more. Herbalists, naturalists and master gardeners have an amazing understanding of the intensity and miraculous healing properties inherent in the plants around us. They also know laboratories and pharmaceutical companies have been incorporating these...

24 Jun

Love those Wrinkles

Posted By: Beverly in Health and Wellness    

While it would be lovely to grow older, gain wisdom, advance in our careers and still manage to look the way we looked when we were twenty, there are unfortunate signs of aging we must all contend with.‚ Wrinkles, sagging facial skin, laugh lines that seem as deep as craters, and age spots.‚ In our culture there is a great push to minimize, hide or even obliterate these well-earned badges of living.‚ While drastic measures such as plastic surgery seem excessive to most of us, careful and natural skin care...