Healing Leaf LLC originally started with the goal of safely defeating the toenail fungus on a single toe. Research, desire and a passion for  natural cures led to the creation of Sandal Toes and after that, several additional products featured in the Healing Leaf product line.

We have our products available online and in retail outlets. Our goal is to provide safe and effective solutions for common ailments. All our products are natural. In the beginning, willing friends and family members submitted themselves to our experiments and before long word-of-mouth had strangers calling to try out various salves.

Healing Leaf LLC developed each product. We have backgrounds in alternative health approaches and are delighted our two square pegs have finally slipped comfortably into the nice round holes at Healing Leaf LLC.

Most conditions will take a little time to show a complete turn-around. Sandal Toes makes short work of most nail funguses but until healthy nail has had time to grow out there may be anxiety the problem still exists. Spot Remover slowly fades the age or liver spots sometimes found on the back of hands or on the face. But when the products are used faithfully, they work.

Take time to peruse all our products. And when you do, try to imagine how hard we laughed when we labeled Bums and Roses, Massage in a Bottle or Skin Wizard. We high five daily and always keep your health, your relief, first and foremost in our minds.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.