Did You Ever Have A Party and No One Came

Frustrating scenario, right?‚ That how we feel at Healing Leaf LLC.‚ We have formulated a product called Skin Wizard‚® and even though this soothing, healing balm seems like a miracle to everyone who uses it, we are having a hard time letting the world know its benefits.‚ Here’s why that is sort of sad.

So what is it?‚ Skin Wizard‚® is a safe and natural blend of rich oils, healing herbs and vitamins.‚ One of the ingredients is emu oil and this oil is well known to seep deep into tissues, carrying the healing properties down where they can work their magic.‚

How and when should you use it?‚ Cuts, burns, bruises and scrapes respond to Skin Wizard‚® in an amazing way.‚ A caution here:‚ NEVER slather a serious burn with anything that medical personnel will have to scrape off at the hospital!‚ But for minor burns, sunburns, and skin abrasions, slather away!‚ Skin Wizard‚® goes straight to work, soothing and healing wounds.

At Healing Leaf LLC, Skin Wizard‚® was originally formulated to help one individual with poor circulation who had developed swollen, red legs with a layer of stretched dry skin on the surface.‚ We knew we had to have a product that nurtured skin, seeped deep and yet was gentle enough for this individual compromised condition.‚ Weeks went into research and formulation.‚ In the end, the product did what it was designed to do.‚ It moisturized and healed the traumatized skin and also went deep enough to relieve much of the swelling, redness and discomfort.‚

Healing Leaf LLC is very pro-doctor and medical care.‚ We know our products are all natural and safe but we prefer patients check with their physicians before using them.‚ Just because a botanical is natural does not mean it might not be too strong or too harsh for someone.‚ If you doubt that, take a big old bite of a habanera pepper.‚ Natural does NOT mean puny.‚

Skin Wizard‚®, as botanical formulas go, is extremely gentle.‚ People in fragile condition might want to show the ingredients to their doctor but it is a safe bet the product will be safe and beneficial.‚

Other than burns, scrapes and wounds, when should you use Skin Wizard‚®?‚ Always!‚ A lot!‚ Whenever you feel like it!‚ If you have any dryness, wrinkled or irritated skin.‚ Those of us at Healing Leaf LLC use it on our faces, as a night cream, and well, all the time.‚ We love the soft and smooth results.‚ We like it that minor skin irritations cannot stand up against this product.‚ We have one customer who suffered from boils on the inner thighs for years.‚ But once Skin Wizard‚® was used, the boils went away and have stayed away.

So that is our party.‚ Skin Wizard‚® is safe, natural, earth friendly and economical.‚ It is a medicine chest in a four ounce tin.‚ We love it.‚ We use it.‚ Our friends tell their friends and we do have a whole lot of faithful users.‚ But we know this product should be in the hands of people who need it.‚ So if you know someone with red, rough, irritated skin, or someone with a dry face, facial blemishes, sunburns, or other skin problems, why not tell them to try Skin Wizard‚®?‚ Or better yet, order them a tin.‚ If you¢‚¬„¢re lucky, they might let you try it.‚ Once that happens you will be as hooked as we are at Healing Leaf LLC.‚ Sometimes when you do a nice thing for someone, it comes back and blesses you as well.

Beverly Vines-Haines is the Marketing, Research and Text Coordinator for Healing Leaf LLC.‚ This is a company that tackles the toughest skin and nail conditions known to man.‚ A best-selling author for years before she became a part of Healing Leaf LLC, she is dedicated to natural healing and creating pure products that are both safe and earth friendly. To learn more about these effective products, visit www.NoFungusAmongUs.com.


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