Get That Stain Out

Food grease is one of the most damaging ingredients to fabrics there can be.‚ Sometimes it dropped macaroni and cheese, dribbled gravy or ketchup on your child shirt; other times, those relentless oops-events plop onto adult blouses, sweatshirts and clothing.‚ And for some reason, dropped food seems to gravitate to brand new clothing.‚ And then, if it isn caught quickly, the clothing goes into the washer and dryer and that grease is set in forever.

Not any longer.‚ SPLAT!‚® is brought to you by Healing Leaf LLC.‚ It is one of those accidental discoveries that makes life a whole lot easier.‚ Even when garments have been washed and dried several times, SPLAT!‚® will still remove grease stains.‚ ‚ ‚

This product is a perfect gift for new mothers and for anyone else who struggles with stained clothing.‚ It seems older people have particular problems with dropped food.‚ In fact, ever see Grandpa or Grandma place their napkins over their shirts like a bib?‚ That is because they are so tired of losing brand new shirts and blouses.‚

Let Healing Leaf LLC SPLAT!‚® change your life, rescue your grease stained clothing and make laundry day much less stressful.‚

Beverly Vines-Haines is the Marketing, Research and Text Coordinator for Healing Leaf LLC.‚ This is a company that tackles the toughest skin and nail conditions known to man.‚ A best-selling author for years before she became a part of Healing Leaf LLC, she is dedicated to natural healing and creating pure products that are both safe and earth friendly. To learn more about these effective products, visit


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