Persistent and Difficult Skin Problems

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies.‚ And because it is so large and so easily exposed to the world, the weather, and the elements, it can react in ways we don understand, or develop issues.‚ ‚ Rashes, sores, eruptions and outbreaks can be puzzling, embarrassing and even scary.‚ ‚ ‚ ‚

At Healing Leaf LLC we often hear about someone with a difficult skin problem that won go away.‚ I am not talking about diagnosed conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema or allergy and dermatitis issues.‚ Sometimes it might be a boil or a persistent sore, something that is very relentless.‚ We have seen strange spots on heads, hands, arms and just about every part of the body.

Obviously if a sore or spot gets really out of control or suspicious, you should see a doctor.‚ But Healing Leaf LLC has one product that is designed to slowly treat such ¢‚¬Ëmystery¢‚¬„¢ conditions.‚ It is called Liquid Gold‚®.‚

Do not expect Liquid Gold‚® to work overnight.‚ Our experience is that is takes six to eight weeks of faithful application to eliminate problems.‚ The all natural healing herbs and oils in this solution seep very deep and they work from the inside out.‚ Another peculiarity of Liquid Gold‚® is that it works beyond the location of the application.‚ Many products, applied topically, enter the bloodstream and thereby have an effect on the entire body.‚ It is not unusual for other troubled areas to erupt on the skin as the body attempts to clear and dispel hidden infections or issues.‚ A full course of treatment could take as long as three months.‚ After a few weeks many people observe changes in the original spot, a raising, reddening, angrier appearance that usually precedes its departure.‚ Liquid Gold‚® has little or no effect on freckles or age spots.‚ It is the tougher issues where we have seen success.

So if you encounter a mystery skin problem that has resisted other products, try Liquid Gold‚®.‚ Its ingredients, including Emu Oil, go deep into tissue to soothe and carry needed botanical properties. Vitamin E protects and nourishes. At Healing Leaf LLC, we discovered LIQUID GOLD‚® accidently while doing research. Like Post-Its, potato chips and other accidental finds, LIQUID GOLD‚® is pure treasure.
Customers continue to let us know that stubborn skin conditions of all kinds have simply gone away with the faithful application of LIQUID GOLD‚®. A blend of oils, herbs and healing ingredients, LIQUID GOLD‚® goes deep inside tissue and begins to heal from the inside out. It easy roll-on application and convenient small bottle makes it easy to carry and apply. All this and it is safe, natural and so very earth friendly.

Do not attempt to treat or diagnose a new or changed skin spot or condition without seeing your doctor. Use LIQUID GOLD‚® in the interim while waiting for your appointment.

Beverly Vines-Haines is the Marketing, Research and Text Coordinator for Healing Leaf LLC.‚ This is a company that tackles the toughest skin and nail conditions known to man.‚ A best-selling author for years before she became a part of Healing Leaf LLC, she is dedicated to natural healing and creating pure products that are both safe and earth friendly. To learn more about these effective products, visit


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