Toads Warts and Worry Go Away

There is not a lot one can say about warts.‚ Almost everyone has had one at some time in their life and pretty much everyone hates them.‚ Children often get them and that is probably because children like to play in dirt and mud and those are wonderful hiding and breeding places for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the virus that causes warts.

One would think there would be all kinds of information on the Internet and while there are many sites dealing with warts, they all seem to contain one article dressed in a hundred disguises.‚ All of this makes sense, I guess.‚ There are four main kinds of warts:‚ Common warts, flat warts, plantar warts and filiform warts.‚ They are contagious but not passed as easily from person to person or child to child as we¢‚¬„¢ve been taught to fear.

Warts are areas of skin that grow faster than normal due to the presence of the HPV.‚ They are skin-colored and feel rough to the touch. Their technical name is verruca vulgaris. They appear most often on the hands, feet and face but they can grow almost anywhere in the body.

Flat warts are much smaller and are less rough than hand or foot warts. They tend to grow in great numbers — 20 to 100 at any one time. They can occur anywhere, but in children they are most common on the face. In adults they are most often found in the beard area in men and on the legs in women. Skin irritation from shaving probably accounts for this.

A plantar wart is simply a wart growing on the weight-bearing surface of the foot that grows inward rather than outwards because it is pressed on when a person walks.

As warts are caused by a virus infection, the body will build up resistance over a period of time and eventually the body will cause the warts to disappear. This may take months or sometimes years but is the natural way the body deals with warts. If they are allowed to disappear in this way it is less likely that a person will get any further ones as one will then be immune to that virus.

Healing Leaf LLC has three products that deal directly with warts.‚ The first one, Eye of Newt‚®, works fairly quickly.‚ All three products are safe and natural.‚ But since Eye of Newt‚® contains oregano oil it is a bit more harsh than the other two products.‚ Just because a product is all natural does not mean one should overuse it or disregard application instructions.‚ Eye of Newt‚® should be used twice a day, morning and night, and should not be applied on healthy skin.‚ Using a Q-tip or small applicator, the salve should be applied directly on the wart.‚

Healing Leaf LLC other option for children warts is a milder salve a child can monitor on his or her own.‚ Prince Little‚® and Princess Little‚® are lightly scented, orange and lavender respectively, and so safe and natural you can allow your child to have a part in his or her healing.‚ Combined with a calendar to monitor changes and track applications, a child develops a sense of responsibility when it comes to his or her health.‚

Warts are not the end of the world.‚ Keeping things in perspective, we all need to understand there are worse things that can happen.‚ Burt large warts, numerous warts and poorly placed warts can be embarrassing so it is nice to know there is a safe and natural way to get rid of them.‚ So when that HPV hits you, a family member or one of your children, hurry to get Eye of Newt‚®, Prince Little‚® or Princess Little‚® as fast as you can.

Beverly Vines-Haines is the Marketing, Research and Text Coordinator for Healing Leaf LLC.‚ This is a company that tackles the toughest skin and nail conditions known to man.‚ A best-selling author for years before she became a part of Healing Leaf LLC, she is dedicated to natural healing and creating pure products that are both safe and earth friendly. To learn more about these effective products, visit


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